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Roshni colony

(DATE) 25 MARCH 2015

MY dear --------(your friend's name)

I hope this letter will find you in perfect health. I am fit an fine here. I hope you also fit and fine there in this letter I am sharing with you my extreme joy in visiting my grandparents' home in village.

During summer vacation I made it to the village of my cousins and I went to the fields to enjoy strolling in the greenery. we climbing the trees and plucking the fruits. when we swimming in the village pond was another fun and experience. village was full free from dust and pollution. I feel it bad that I had to return from my grandparents very soon. truly, there is life in the villages where one feels these simple blessing in the blood. I would never like to miss them.

Yours sincerely

(your name)

(The address)
A.B.C. colony

Date: March 24th-2015

Dear Friend (Name) ! 

Hope you are fine with a fit and healthy life! I am good here after long tiring exams!

Summer vacations are soon to start and it's been a long since we last met. I have planned out some activities for this summer break which include a fun filled time with creative explorations.
I have decided to pay visit to some historically important places in the city that are full of  amazing wanders and facts, one must explore in life. These include some museums and national monuments. 
I have also planned a camping and hiking with my friends that would probably be a lot more fun!
A couple of my friends have decided to join me up with my plans. I so invite you as well to join us in our fun which would also give us a chance of a re-union!
Ask your parents for the permission and let me know with your plans.
Hope you get the permission and join us in the expected fun filled plan.
Pay regards to uncle aunt. Awaiting for your positive response!

Your Friend,