Answer :

justice Justice knows either friendship nor enmity  ....... justice is justice ..if justice starts seeing friendship and enmity then no one will not get justice and no one will be treated equally in the eyes of law ...... for example if a person murders his friend ..then in the court if his friendship will be seen then that friend would not get justice ... and if a person is an enemy of someone and has done nothing but then also that person tries to make him punished by the court and has no witnesses then if the court is partial the person will be justice doesn't knows friendship and enmity 
Justice knows either friendship nor enmity...justice should be like this only...because everybody should get justice....if justice will start thinking that this is my friend so leave him/her no matter he/she has done something wrong...and other side is our enemy so if justice will think this is my enemy ,he/she should get punishment no matter the he/she is a good person and hasn't done anything wrong...that's why justice knows wither friendship nor enmity otherwise the people that are good and hadn't done anything wrong but still they get punishment..then they will stop believing in justice.....

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