Identify the birds and write the correct letters in the boxes :-
1 I am the only bird that can fly backwards.
2 I am the tallest flying bird in the world.
3 I change the colour of my week from grey to orange in spring.
4 I have the longest annual migration and travel around 30,000 km.
5 I am known as Neelkanth for the bluish tint on my wings.​

Answer :


Sure, here are the birds identified and their corresponding letters:

1. Hummingbird (A)

2. Sarus Crane (B)

3. American Robin (C)

4. Arctic Tern (D)

5. Indian Roller (E)


1. Hummingbird

2. Rüppell's griffon vulture

3. puffins

4. Arctic tern

5. Kingfisher

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