The table shows the result of the titration of 25cm3 of 0.02moldm3 of KOH with HCl solution. Copy and complete the table
ii. Calculate average titra
iii. Calculate the concentration of HCl solution in moldm3
iv . Calculate number of hydrogen ions in 1.0dm3 of the HCl. Equation for the reaction
HCl+ KOH + Kcl + H2O

Answer :


To assist you with the titration calculations, I’ll need the actual titration results. However, I can guide you through the process:

Copy and complete the table: You’ll need to fill in the volumes of HCl used in each trial.

Calculate average titration volume (Average Titra): Add up the volumes of HCl from each trial and divide by the number of trials.

Calculate the concentration of HCl solution in mol/dm³:

Use the formula: ( {Concentration of HCl} = \{Moles of KOH}}{{Average Volume of HCl in dm³}} )

Since the reaction between HCl and KOH is 1:1, the moles of KOH will be equal to the moles of HCl.

Convert the volume of KOH from cm³ to dm³ by dividing by 1000.

Calculate the moles of KOH: ( {Moles of KOH} = {Volume of KOH in dm³} × {Concentration of KOH} )

Calculate the number of hydrogen ions in 1.0 dm³ of the HCl solution:

Use Avogadro’s number (approximately ( 6.022 \times 10^{23} ) ions/mol) to find the number of ions.

Multiply the moles of HCl by Avogadro’s number to get the number of hydrogen ions.

The equation for the reaction is: [ {HCl} + {KOH} ----> {KCl} + {H}_2+{O} ]