Make a sentences in heteronyms given below

1)minute(60second/ extremely small)

2)tear (because of crying / rip off)

3) wind (strong air/ tighten)

4)lead (metal/to initiate)

5)tear ( a drop of water from the eyes / to pull apart with force )

Answer :


.1) She waited for a **minute** while her heart raced, feeling every **minute** pass by.

2) As she wiped away a **tear** from her cheek, she couldn't help but **tear** the paper in frustration.

3) The strong **wind** threatened to **wind** the sails of the boat as they sailed into the storm.

4) He used a pencil made of **lead** to **lead** the way for his team, taking the initiative in the project.

5) With a single **tear** rolling down his cheek, he couldn't help but **tear** the fabric of their relationship apart.

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