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Hans is the protagonist in the Linnet’s tale. He is an innocent, good-natured peasant who believes himself to be the Miller’s best friend. He is a peasant belonging to the working class—he lives in a tiny cottage and spends all his time working in his garden, growing beautiful flowers that he can sell at the market. Hans is generous and naïve: he works tirelessly for the Miller and fails to realize that his so-called best friend is exploiting him. Wilde also shows Hans is also very eager to learn: “So little Hans worked away for the Miller, and the Miller said all kinds of beautiful things about friendship, which Hans took down in a notebook, and used to read over at night, for he was a very good scholar.” This innocence and eagerness renders Hans as a childlike figure. Hans does not change over the course of the fairytale and dies as innocent as he was at the beginning of the story. Through Hans’s story, Wilde demonstrates the dangers of being too innocent in a less-than-innocent world. Hans receives neither reward for his good nature nor justice for the exploitation he experienced under the Miller, making his death all the more tragic.

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