A. Answer the following questions J. Where was the new species of spider found and by whom? 2. What was the name given to it and why? 3. 5. 6. What did J. K. Rowling tweet about the discovery? Why according to Javed does the spider take the shape of a magical hat? What is special about the species named Paraplectana rajashree? [2] The news of the discovery happened at the same time as which major event? [2] What are the various evolutionary behaviour in spiders which fascinate Rajashree? [2​

Answer :


1. The new species of spider, named Paraplectana rajashree, was found in the Western Ghats region of India by a team of researchers led by Javed Ahmed.

2. The name "Paraplectana rajashree" was given to honor Rajashree Khalap, an arachnologist and conservationist from Goa, India, who has made significant contributions to the study of spiders in India.

4. According to Javed Ahmed, the spider takes the shape of a magical hat because of its unique shape and appearance, which resembles a hat, leading to the comparison with magical hats in fiction.

5. Paraplectana rajashree is special because it belongs to a genus that is not commonly found, and its discovery highlights the rich biodiversity of the Western Ghats region. It also underscores the importance of conservation efforts in protecting such unique species.

7. Some of the evolutionary behaviors in spiders that fascinate Rajashree Khalap include their diverse web-building techniques, mating rituals, prey capture strategies, and adaptations to different environments. These behaviors showcase the incredible diversity and complexity of spider species.

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