Q.1. You are Gopal Mitthal,the secretary of the science club of your school. Write a notice in about 50 words for the school notice board informing the students about the science exhibition to be held  & requesting them to participate in it whole heartedly. Also inform them that outsiders are also welcomed to this exhibition.

Answer :

                                       ( YOUR SCHOOL'S NAME)
                                      SCIENCE EXHIBITION

Date (month date, year),
This is to inform students that a science exhibition is to be held in our school on (date). Students are requested to participate in it wholeheartedly. Those interested can give their names to (teacher's name/ me) before (date). Other details are given below:
Venue - ..............
Time   - ..............
Outsiders are also welcome to the exhibition.

Gopal Mitthal
Secretary (science club).

(the notice has to b in a box)



                         ( NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL )


                               SCIENCE EXIBITION

Date- 24.10.2014

This is to inform you about the science exibition that is going to be held in our school on November 12 2014. All the students from class 5 to 10 are requested to participate in this exibition whole heartedly. Those students are interested to participate they can give their name to the respective science teachers  by November 9. Outsiders are also welcomed to this exibition. This exibition is going to be held in our school. For more information Please contact to the undersigned.

Gopal Mithal
(The secretary of the science club)

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