show by giving examples that sher singh journey at night through the forest is a tail of his extra odnari courage how does the story jourey by night ins

Answer :

The river was flooded and there was no bridge to help them through; hence they could not swim also. Then he saw a wreck of a bridge. He thought fast of some way to cross the bridge. He made a rope and tied kunwar (He had fainted) with himself and entered into the water above the wreak of brigde. The water was too cold, he could not move. They even slipped.
But then he recovered and his determination were high which helped them finally to cross the bridge even with such adversities. This shows how brave he was.

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He was moving a night along a forest then the suddenly flood came, he had no idea what to do but he saw his courage...

He saw a wrick means destroyed bridge then tried to collect some material for making rope, he succeed and found the way to push himself at that flood..

But flood was very high , he nearly to deep into it but he didn't lost his hope and work hard...

Finally he reached at the other side of road and saved himself..

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