Answer :

Private hospital is characterized by an individual’s choice for a private insurance company that offers health insurance, paid monthly in exchange for quality medical services. 
Paid health insurance can make the difference between a quick and complete recovery compared to a prolonged and incomplete recovery in a public hospital. Private hospital provides space to treat patients perfectly and also allows time for a patient’s complete recovery from any illness or surgery. 
Compared to a public hospital, a private hospital is equipped with new equipment for any type of investigation, it features modern salons with enough beds for every patient who requires hospitalization and also when making an appointment for surgery, the patient need not go through a triage system, the patient undergoes operation at that time. In essence, private medical service improves the treatments received at any public hospital, with exception of salons dedicated to emergency and accidents (both public and private hospitals in an emergency situation will treat you on the spot in order to survive). 
Accidents and emergency rooms will continue to operate under the public health system in acute ability, while non-urgent treatments are the main concern of private medical services, allowing patients to choose the time, space favorable for their procedures and a private place where they rest and recover. 
Like any system, of course, there are disadvantages such as inequality, which means that not every patient can benefit of private medical services. Therefore, taxes are paid by private insurance companies, if you need care after an accident or illness. All individuals who have a healthcare insurance policy as a result of their work agreements are receiving care in a private hospital, according to company policies. 

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