Answer :

The love for nature and the quest for the obscure has endlessly attracted man to shed the solace and security of this home to wander past the blue ranges not too far off and to find new valleys, forests, rivers and high mountains. The journey of mountain lover is for the freedom of the hills, to be at home in the high wild, without any boundaries he can't pass, no risk he can't evade with due alert and legitimate learning. This is the essence of happiness looked for by the trekker and the climber.Trekking is undoubted of significant worth to physical wellness however its point is not to produce athletes.

It is an activity which ought to build up a genuine love for the mountain areas and appreciation about their loftiness. Trekking prompts a closer interest for plants, trees, flying creatures, and creatures, for sure in all type of nature study.

It instills the prudence of sacrifice, the estimation of physical effort, in some cases to the furthest reaches of continuance, or more all, the spirit of exertion, now and again to the furthest reaches of perseverance, or more all, the soul of comradeship.

A feeling of experience includes fervor towards the satisfaction of the comradeship. A feeling of experience includes energy towards the satisfaction of the goal.

Trekking is one of the most amazing experiences which lets people interact with nature on a different level and it is also good for the physical and mental health of people.