Answer :

The profession of a teacher demands great perseverance & responsibility.
If I were a teacher I would first provoke the interest of the students in my subject.I will try to teach them the lessons theoritically as well as practically.I will try to take extra classes for those who are weak in my subject.I will not punish the students or report their mistakes in front of the whole class.I will appreciate the students publicly if they do anything good.I will try to analyse the problems of the weak students & I will also try to solve them.Not only i will develop them physically or mentally but emotionally & spritiually.

I wish to be a teacher when I grow up. I am inspired by my favourite teacher. She teaches in a good way so that all will understand easily.

I will make my students to interact with me in the class. I will teach them general knowledge information and motivate them to participate in various competitions.

I will be a role model for my students. I will clear their doubts then and there. I will give them projects about things which is very important in life and in free periods I will give them many topics to write so that their writing skills will improve. And in other free periods i will give each one a topic to speak about so that they can also improve their speaking skills.
I will try to be a very good teacher.