Answer :

Education is very important in our life.we allgo to school to gain educarion.even the poor children go to school to gain imparts knowledge.we need this knowledge for our future.we all have to gain education in order to be equal to other is the basis of he economic and cultural development of a country.there are also many adverse effects of means a lot of pressure on the children.sometimes children fall sick because of this intense pressure.the children cannot go to any place and refresh themselves.they cannot do any other activity.they cannot play games.the parents also has to pay a lot of attention on their children.they have to take the responsibility of both the family as well as their ,the teachers should make the children teach more in the school and give less homework.
education is very important for all of us in our life .it is the basic element of life without which a man cannot live.but at the same time education has adverse effects.home work which is also a part of education is becoming a burden to students giving homework is not wrong but giving lot of home work can cause health  problems like a lot oh home work means to carry a lot of books which ultimately leads to back pain.lots of home work causes children to be awake till late night causing many problems

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