Answer :

Now days children are learning various types of crimes from internet as well as their friends.face book is the most famous social networking site.almost every one has an account in facebook.we can talk to our family members as well as to strangers.while talking to strangers we somerimes expose oir personal ingormations like phone number ,our address etc.these strangers can be old and dangerous criminals and they can misuse our given informations.seeing all these we also learn to perform crimes.besides learning crimes from internet ,we alao learn from our friends.they teach bad things which lead us to hell.the parents should look after their children and give thwm as much as attention as possible.they should stop us from talking to bad people.they should not allow their children to have accounts in any social networking sites at a very early age.if all these actions are taken then we will not even think about performing any sort of crimes.rhis is how india will be crime free tomorrow.

As we all say children or youths are the future of our country so the future of India is dependent on the children if they are good and crime-free then the future of India will also be crime-free and if children are criminals then the future of the country would be also same.

If today children do small wrong things then when they will be big their wrong things will be big and children do wrong things because if parents do not have much money so they send their children for work and there they adopt that things that are happening in their surroundings or with them like how their manager treats them and as their parents are not their so no one is there to tell them what is right and what is wrong, what to do and what to not do so they adopt these wrong things and become a criminal.

Not only because of child labors also children do wrong things when their parents do not look after them like what they are doing and the parents are busy with their jobs then also children choose wrong paths and start doing bad things.

So to improve these things and want a crime free country in future children must study and learn manners, discipline and good things and child labours must be a band and also parents should give some time to their children then the future of our country will be bright and crime-free. 

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