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                                       A Day Well Spent

The contentment felt after having done something worthwhile is beyond description. The wise elders were insightful who edified the younger generations to utilize time optimally. I tasted the joys of good deeds today only. I did my best to use my time purposefully and meaningfully.

I had been planning for many days to start my day with morning exercise. So, I got up quite early in the morning and went for a long jog. The early morning hours are so peaceful and fresh I did not know. The morning freshness kept me vibrant throughout the day. Though I felt a stiffening of my leg muscles and tendons, but my body was extraordinarily energetic owning to morning exercise.

At school I focused better on my studies. I enjoyed learning all my subjects. I was wonderstruck at the vastness and complexity of the knowledge of these subjects. It thrilled me. I thought deeper into the abyss of knowledge and found the chasm beautifully aglow with uncountable stars of knowledge. Today I realized, if applied properly under restraints, the mind is a miracle store-house of knowledge, imagination and creativity.

After school I reached home with focus on my studies. After taking a lunch and power-nap, I took up my home-work. I had resolved to start reading for pleasure activity, keeping in mind that I had got a novel issued from the school library, so I started reading it. I was so excited with it. I felt the missing thing in my life had been found by me. I just could not take my eyes off the novel. I learnt many new sentence structures, vocabulary, and point of view of the novelist.

I was wonder-struck at the feeling of achievement and satisfaction on account of leading a day on the principles of self-discipline. If one day spent meaningfully and constructively can make me feel so much of self-esteem, imagine what I could accomplish in a year well-spent!

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