Pretend that you are sitting around a camp fire and telling stories.write a scary story
to tell
1. what make you story scary
2. will your story have a surprise ending
3. do not forget to give a title to your story

Answer :

That unusual room

I was usually sitting in the library alone but without the librarian because he has some business to do that is very urgent and he knew me very well because me and his daughter were very close. As soon as he came I said bye and went out.I obviously took a book and it was quite interesting. So I decided to look for place a lonely place where I could read it so I walk around and saw a storehouse like place.So I got inside of it turn the light, on sat down on one of the chair, and started reading. 

I was only in the most important part when the lights started flickering off and on I was thought it was some technical problem because this place is old and I liked old places.Anyway, after some minutes it came to the normal position but what happened later really caught my breath.I was suffocationg  feeling like somebody is gonna kill me and the door was tighter than expected and with that I was blacked out.

When I woke up from my unconsciouness I saw some people were standing me and I realized that I was laying on the ground as I regained my position I ask that what is the story behind that storehouse and they said that back to december it was at night when it started there were continuous screaming of a girl and that a man torchered her very much and eventually she died therefore she tries to suffocate the other peoples to die like her. I stood up and went home not a word in my mouth.

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